The general objective of the website

Be connected - that could be the key to the 21st century: A century, which is characterised by new developments of technologies, processes of transformation and internationalisation in many areas. This applies especially to the field of research, which is already now strongly connected across countries. Many times innovations and technological leaps are persecuted at several European and international locations. Following this only those research groups will have chances and new opportunities that represent the current scientific state of the art in terms of research infrastructure as well as in their level of expertise.

Be connected - that functions best across language barriers with visual incentives. For the scientific community and their current generation of the Internet the visual language and media perception have become an indispensable element of communication between research institutions.

With the new public website for research infrastructures both aspects of “be connected” shall be merged to cause a wave of innovation in science, research and society as well as the economy. Under https://forschungsinfrastruktur.bmwfw.gv.at the whole range of providers, suppliers and users of research infrastructure is combined. Substantially, the simple and quick search of research infrastructure is facilitated about visual incentives.

With this offering, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy provides especially synergies at the institutional level and a tool, which can be useful for the work on scientific topics.